Organizational and technical support of the Russian participation in International Project Halden (OECD – Halden Reactor Project) on subjects of the Systems of monitoring and management of Nuclear power plant.

The project is based on a basis of Institute of power technologies in Halden, Norway, and carries out the activity on the basis of payments from the countries-participants (ОЭСР). On a subject of “nuclear fuel” the representative in the Project from the Russian Federation is JSC TVEL. On a subject of “systems of monitoring and management of Nuclear power plant” the Russian representative in Executive Program Committee (PC) is representative from SNIIP.

International Project Halden is the largest organisation on ЧМИ and СКУ the atomic power station in which all leading world powers participate and it provides the accessibility for the Russian organisations and scientific research institutes of nuclear branch to the newest scientific and technical researches and the achievements, received within the Project limits.