Conducting Secretary of Technical committee 45 «Nuclear instrument engineering» International electrotechnical commission (IEC/ТC45).

In November 1988, in coordination with the Soviet national committee of the International electrotechnical commission and with the Ministry of average mechanical engineering, our national committee has been made responsible for realisation of activity of Secretary IEC/TC45 «Nuclear instrument engineering». On the Ministry corresponding order this work has been given to Allied scientific research institute of instrumentation engineering (now – Open Joint-stock company «Specialized Scientific research institute for Instrumentation engineering»). Since then and at present time secretary activity is carried out on the basis of our institute. The secretary is the principal body of committee, responsible for the organisation of its work. It provides interaction of committee with Central bureau IEC, with other international and regional organisations, with separate experts, representatives of firms and the organisations – concerning activity of ТC45 IEC. The secretary is responsible for preparation and carrying out of sessions of technical committee, together with the Chairman of committee develops strategy of its activity, provides timely preparation of briefs and definitive versions of international standards IEC in the field of nuclear instrument engineering, and also carries out a lot of other organizational, technical and editorial functions, connected with development of the international standards.

The basic information about IEC/ТC45 «Nuclear instrument engineering»

The committee has been founded in 1960 for development of international standards IEC in the field of nuclear instrument engineering. The committee field of activity covers functions, systems and the equipment, promoting effective and safe use for the person of nuclear and radiating technologies. Such functions, systems and the equipment can be applied in nuclear power (NPP), in manufacture of nuclear fuel, at commercial use of an ionising radiation in various industries, and also at protection of the person and environment against an ionising radiation. The part of standards is developed directly in committee – this standards connected with specific application of radiating technologies and the corresponding electric and electronic equipment, and also the standards establishing terminology in the field of nuclear instrument engineering. Other standards are developed in two subcommittees (PC): PC 45А “Equipment for monitoring and control of nuclear objects” and PC 45В “Equipment for protection against an ionising radiation”.

In total in committee and its subcommittees is developed about two hundred international standards in the field of nuclear instrument engineering, and 41 project of the international standards is now being developed.

Participation of Soviet Union and Russia in activity of IEC/ТC45

Soviet Union became member of ТC45 IEC in 1964 and actively got involved in the work of committee. Our experts were initiators and chiefs of development of more than 10 international standards, including the standard on equipment for in-core measurements of neutron flux density, the standard on electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment delivered on NPP, the standard on calibration and use of spectrometers on the basis of high-purity germanium detectors, the standard on equipment for detection of radioactive and nuclear materials on national borders and many other standards.

More detailed information about IEC/ТC45, and information on possible participation in its activity, you can receive at Secretary IEC/ТC45, Shumov Sergey Aleksandrovich:

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