Portable spectrometric complex SKS-07(09)P-G


  • Completed with scintillation detector of any size
  • Portable detection unit with semiconductor detector made of especially pure germanium
  • Standard and industrial versions

complex is designed to exercise precise measurements and examinations in the area of nuclear spectrometry in the field.

complex allows to determinate volume activity of gamma-emitting nuclides of low activity in samples of water, food, soil, construction materials, geological solid with high accuracy.

Description :
SKS-07(09)P-G is the most compact portable spectrometric complex in the world, implemented on the base of impulse signal processor of SBS family (SBS-65, SBS-70, SBS-75), pluggable in portable computer like Notebook.

Employment of current high-power computers Notebook enabled to develop spectrometric complex with all capabilities and high metrological specifications typical for precise laboratory systems
Complex is manufactured in standard and industrial (temperature range: from -20oС to +40oС, higher vibration, shock resistance, dust-splash-proofness) versions. Complexes SKS-07(09)P-G are equipped with:

  • scintillation detectors based on Nal and Csl crystals of any size and configuration;
  • portable semiconductor detectors made of especially pure germanium produced by EG&G Ortec (USA); Canbera (USA):
  • GEM, GC series (for energy range 40 keV – 10MeV);
  • GH1X, GR, GX series (for energy range 3 keV – 10MeV)
  • o LoAX, GL series for spectrometric monitoring of NFC-materials (lanthanides, actinides of energy range 3keV – 400keV).

Complex is provided with software that allows managing all functions and parameters of the spectrometer and processing of spectrometric information to determine radionuclides volume and surface activity and dose rate from emission of each of them in the most common configurations. Complex measures uranium concentration rate, determines plutonium isotopic composition, measures activity of nuclides in containers, etc.

If the customer prefers complex can be equipped with computers like Notebook ranging from the cheapest to the most high-power models as well as different accessory:

  • accumulator units for sustained operation (up to 20 hours of continuous operation);
  • Power adapters from car batteries;
  • Chargers;
  • Tripods to work in the field;
  • Convenient and shock resistant cases for transportation;
  • Special miniature printers;
  • Devices to put nitrogen in the detector, etc.


Detector type Semiconductive based on Ge(Li)
Energy range, MeV 0,03 -10
Energy resolution in the line of 1332 keV (60Co), ) keV 1,5 – 3
Working temperature range, oС From -10 to +40
Power supply Battery
Time to failure, h 30000
Equipment Detection unit
PC of IBM-PC-type (notebook)