Radiation safety check panel KRB-02R

is designed to monitor radiation environment at NPP, to monitor status and management of equipment of automated radiation monitoring system placed at radiation control board.

is applied as part of automated radiation monitoring systems.






Computer type Industrial RACK-2330 Pentium-4 – type with processor speed not less than 2,4 GHz
Core memory, Mbyte Not less than 512
Local database Exists
Interfaces RS-485, 100FX, Video, Keyboard, RS-232
Graph monitor
(Four industrial monitors with resolving capacity not less than 1280×1024
Systems software Operating system QNX
Standards Protocols TCP/IP
Auto start Automated start of applications during loading or restart
Monitoring Monitoring and treatment of error conditions in programming and application aids
Protection level IP34
Redundancy level Panel is replicated
Input current, VA Not more than 1600
Off-peaks (interrupt of power supply), min Not more than 20 (automated breakpoint and restart)
Time to failure, h 40000
Unauthorized access protection Physical protection, control of access to hardware and software components, remote control
Dimensions, mm 4000х800х1000
Weight, kg 300