Detection unit BDRG-17S3

measurement of gamma ray absorbed dose level in air.

is applied at sites with atomic power plants as well as at other sites related to obtaining, reprocessing and using of radioactive materials.




Basic functions Conversion of gamma-emission energy into the frequency of electrical impulse
Detector type Geiger-Muller counter
Measurement range, Gy/h 1,0*10-3 – 1,0*101
Energy range, MeV 0,08 – 7,0
Working temperature rangeоС From -50 to +70
Protection level IP67
Input current, mA:
       for bus +12V;
       for bus -12V
Time to failure, h 30 000
Equipment Monoblock
Dimensions, mm 65х240
Weight, kg 1,8
Output type Frequency over three channels