Detection unit BDAS-04R

measurement of volumetric activity of alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides contained in aerosol form in air, in coupled and disposed mode.

continuous automated monitoring of radioactive aerosols concentration in off-line mode or as part of automated radiation monitoring systems in air:

  • Ventilation systems;
  • Working premises






Technical characteristics

Detector type Silicone spectrometric
Detector number 2
Measurement range, Bq/m3
Alpha-emitters volumetric activity
Coupled mode
Divided mode
Beta-emitters volumetric activity
Coupled mode
Divided mode


2 – 2*105

Limit of fractional error when measuring aerosols 90S+90Y volumetric activity in the air with confidence probability 0,95 50%
Registry energy range, MeV
Alpha particles
Beta particles
Volume air-flow through the filter Not less than 20 l/min
Air-flow measurement error ±10%
Working temperature range 0C From -5 to +50
Dimensions, mm 498x273x212
Power supply Net 220W, 50 Hz
Power supply Net 220W, 50 Hz
Filtering belt type LFS2-50

Unit provides the performance of the following functions:

  • Measurement of average values of beta- and alpha-emitting radionuclides volumetric activity in the air with predetermined period of shot change of the filtering belt (LFS2-50) (shot change is made in case of dust or activity accumulation)
  • Verification of detection unit on external devices signal and automated updating of spectrometric circuit parameters through internal source
  • Estimated measurement of current volumetric activity
  • Signalization when average volumetric activity exceeds programmed constraint
  • Constant measurement of volume air-flow through the filter and evaluation of total volume of sample
  • Self-diagnostic and performance monitoring
  • Transition of measurement results through two channels with RS-485 interface and one channel with RS-232 interface