Diagnostic systems for NPPs

Monitoring, management and diagnostic systems for NPPs

Monitoring, management and diagnostic system of water-moderated power plant-1000s’ reactor unit

Integrated automated system allows running reactor unit of water-moderated power plant-1000 in different working modes -from starting condition to design conditions of accidents. The system is designed for NPPs as well as information-measurement complexes for automated systems of technological processes management based on systems’ software and hardware facilities

System provides with monitoring and management of reactor unit:

  • in normal operation conditions
  • with disturbances of normal conditions
  • in design conditions of accidents

System’s functions:

  • Operation monitoring of current status of the core and reactor unit operation conditions.
  • Detection of coolant leak.
  • Detection of local coolant boiling in the core.
  • Detection of unfixed items in main flow circuit.
  • Integrated analysis of current status and foresight of dynamic behavior of the core and reactor unit equipment.
  • In service diagnostics of principal technological equipment related to monitoring of vibration load fluctuation of internals and main flow circuit.
  • Warning and producing emergency protection signal when safety-critical local parameters of the core operation exceed accepted values.
  • Diagnostics of own hardware and software.
  • Generation of control signals by power density field to maintain defined axial offset in maneuver mode of reactor unit operation.
  • Providing operator with data support related to the selection of optimal operation conditions and ways of regulating main reactor unit parameters.
  • Formation of data achieve related to production history of the core and main technological equipment of reactor unit.

Valuation of reactor units’ remaining lifetime.