Automated system of radiation control for NPP

Automated system of radiation control for NPP ASRC-01

  • Open two-level multiprocessor canal structure
  • Consolidation and supply of the system depends on the project’s specifications
  • Complete set of detection assembly by ionizing radiation and required measurement range
  • Possibility to add additional functions
  • Informative software

The system meet the requirements of Russian current regulatory system and basic international norms that define general specifications and quality control during the development, manufacture and operation of ASRC-01R.

System designation
The system is designed to get and process information about characteristics of radiation condition of NPP and environment in all working conditions including accidents within and beyond the design as well as NPP’s condition after decommissionong

Areas of application of the system
The system may be implemented at NPP with water-moderated power reactor. Systems’ equipment may be installed at any sites with enhanced radiological hazard such as nuclear-fuel processing combines, research reactors, nuclear waste sites, etc.

Engineering model
The system has open apportioned two-level hierarchy structure where:
Lower level– provides measurement amd management of canals
Higher levelprovides information integration of measurement and management characteristics that allows overall control and evaluation of radiation safety at NPP