Qualifying tests

The equipment of department of tests of JSC “SNIIP” provides carrying out of tests of devices and systems on firmness, durability and stability to external influencing factors, according to requirements of a complex of standards «Мороз-6» (climatic, mechanical and electric). Tests are conducted on the certified equipment on approved to the program and to tests techniques.
Tests results are issued in the form of reports in compliance with operating national and interstate standards. JSC “SNIIP” concludes contracts with the external organisations on rendering of services regarding carrying out of tests.

The types of tests realised on the equipment of JSC “SNIIP”:

Climatic tests: 

  • Test on thermal resistance;
  • Test on cold resistance;
  • Test on influence of temperature changes (cyclicity);
  • Test on influence of hoarfrost with the subsequent thawing;
  • Test on moisture-proofness;
  • Test on influence of the lowered atmospheric pressure;
  • Test on influence of a sea fog;
  • Test on water permeability;
  • Test on splash-proofness;
  • Test on water-proofness.



Mechanical tests:

  • Test on vibration resistance;
  • Test on vibration strength;
  • Test on resonance absence;
  • Test on shock durability;
  • Test on shock stability;
  • Test on durability at influence of single shocks;
  • Test on durability at falling;
  • Test on stability at influence of rocking and long tilts;
  • Test on influence of mechanical factors in the transportation conditions.


Electrical tests:

  • Test on stability of changes in parameters of a network power supply;
  • Test on electrical insulation;
  • Test on influence of magnetic field.