Full cycle of production

Procuring manufacture

The skilled production of JSC “SNIIP” is created for manufacturing and perfection of main samples of products of a serial production, custom-made repeating products and products of individual manufacture.
The manufacture structure of “SNIIP” represents a complex of the interconnected manufactures of the engineering and instrumentation profile, providing a full cycle of production from preparation to packaging of a finished product which includes:

  • Manufacturing of pre-forms from sheets, round and profile materials.
  • Chiselling of a sheet material in the thickness to 8 mm on guillotine scissors.
  • Cutting of sheet pre-forms of a difficult configuration in thickness of up to 60мм black and non-ferrous materials on a thermal cutting machinery with CPU “Crystal” and automatic laser cutting of materials in the thickness to 2мм.
  • Cutting of a round and profile materials.

Foundry manufacture

Casts manufacturing of aluminium alloys AL-2 and AL-9 of a difficult configuration by moulding methods in sandy forms, in metal mold and moulding under pressure.
The maximum dimensions of details of a various configuration and complexity – 700х700х400 mm. 






Stamping manufacture

Manufacturing of details by cold punching and on crank and hydraulics squeezers:

  • with a method of cutting from a steel in the thickness to 5 mm;
  • with a rolling-out method from a steel and non-ferrous alloys in the thickness to 2 mm;
  • with a bending method from a steel in the thickness to 6 mm;
  • with a method of rotary-out squeezing from a steel and non-ferrous alloys of details of «solid of rotation» type in the thickness to 3 mm on “Leifeld” equipment.

Welding manufacture

  • Argonne-arc welding of steels and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Electro-arc welding.
  • Contact welding of sheet materials.
  • Electronic – beam precision welding of web sheets and heterogeneous metal materials.

Machining manufacture


  • On turning machines of profile-direct turning (diameter of details to 12 mm);
    on machine tools with CPU (diameter of details to 400 mm);
  • On the universal equipment (diameter of details to 600 mm).


  • On machine tools with CPU (overall dimensions of details to 600 х 300 х 200 mm);
  • Processing on the vertical processing centre of “LITZ” company (overall dimensions of details 1200х600х675).


  • External surfaces in diameter to 400 mm;
  • Internal surfaces in diameter to 200 mm;
  • Profile with accuracy to 0,01 mm;
  • Coordinate-grinding works (accuracy of processing to 0,003мм).

Tool manufacture


  • of multi-piece moulding press forms for manufacture of products from thermoplastic plastics;
  • of press forms for manufacture from various thermo-reactive plastics;
  • of stamps of various kinds (exhaust, cutting, bending and so forth);
  • of special cutting tools.Manufacture is equipped with the modern equipment of “MANO”, «OVERBECK», «HAUSER», «BLOM» firms.



Manufacture of products from polymers and plastics

Manufacturing of products from plastics and rubber:

  • pressing of products in volume to 250 cubic sm from thermoplastic plastics on thermoplastic machinery;
  • pressing of products with overall dimensions 250х150х80 mm from thermo-reactive plastics;
  • pressing of rubber-technical products of a various configuration;
  • vacuum forming from sheet plastic in the thickness to 5 mm of details with overall dimensions 1400х400х150 mm.Manufacture is equipped with the domestic and import equipment of “KYASY” firm.


Paint coating manufacture

  • Coating of various paint and varnish (including special) coverings with enamels and powders on metal, plastic and wooden products;
  • Lacquering of electronic blocks;
  • Drawing of multi-colour inscriptions by a method of serigraphy.

Coating of galvanic coverings

Coating of galvanic coverings (dimensions of details to 300х600х600 mm):

  • zinc;
  • chemical nickel;
  • electropolishing;
  • anodizing of aluminium alloys.




Wood-working manufacture

Is equipped with wood-working machinery, providing manufacturing of:

  • Wooden packing and transport containers;
  • Industrial furniture;
  • Ancillary equipment.

Assembly-mouting manufacture

Mouting of electronic units with installation of details by a soldering method with the use of modern soldering stations “ERSA”.

Manufacturing of cable and cordlike products:

  • flat cables pasting to 80 conductors and length to 3 m;
  • volume plaits with transitions to flat and reverse;
  • seal of cables in sockets with high degree of isolationAssemblage of difficult electronic equipment by a method of «wire-wrap» with use of the equipment of “VEBER” firm.
  • Assemblage of precision mechanical knots of movement. 

Adjustment and set-up of products

Adjustment and set-up of analogue and digital electronic equipment with use of modern instrumentations and computers according to requirements on a product.


Qualifying tests



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Finished goods packaging

Packaging of equipment with use of modern materials and packing methods.