About company

JSC “SNIIP” is one of the leading scientific organisations in the field of nuclear instrumentation, which solves strategic tasks of increasing nuclear and radiating safety of nuclear installations and radiatively-dangerous objects, providing radiating safety of the population of the country and preservation of environment ecology.

Activity directions

  • Computerized systems of radiation monitoring for NPPs, research reactors and other nuclear facilities.
  • Computerized Radiation Monitoring Systems at the enterprises of nuclear industry and on the territory of Russian federation as a whole.
  • Computerized systems of monitoring, control and diagnostics of nuclear reactors for NPPs
  • Systems and devices for the system of registration and monitoring of nuclear and radioactive materials as well as radioactive wastes
  • Devices and firmware complexes for the formation of dosimetry monitoring systems of personnel irradiation
  • Means of monitoring and prevention of non-authorized transportation of radioactive substances and nuclear materials
  • Monitoring systems of technological processes at the decommissioning of nuclear facilities including NPP and nuclear submarine power units
  • Means of measurement assurance of nuclear measurement and information technologies

Innovative directions of activity

  • Computer-based technologies of modeling. Modeling complexes.
  • Plasma complexes for the waste processing.
  • NANO- end microelectronics: realization of NANO-technologies and creation of special element base
  • Silicone-organic radiation-resistant material «EKOR»
  • Development of a special optical fiber